Which is the best plunge saw?

As you can see in the comparison chart below, Festool TS plunge saws are undoubtedly the best plunge saws available. Having pioneered plunge saw technology, Festool has had nearly half of a century to refine and perfect its plunge saw to make them the best plunge saws on the market.

The best plunge saw offers the most features and functionality, superior dust collection, the broadest range of available accessories, and the best service and support. Considering those factors, Festool is the clear winner.

TSC 55
TS 75 EQ
Greatest depth of cut (2-15/16") dot
Most powerful (1,600 watts) dot
Splinter-free cut on both sides of the blade dot dot dot
Slip clutch (Safety feature) dot
Riving knife (Safety feature) dot dot dot dot
Micro-adjustable depth of cut dot dot
Flat housing for flush cutting dot dot dot
Best bevel range (-1° to 47°) dot dot
Best dust collection (up to 96%) dot dot dot
Lightest weight (4.4 kg vs. 4.5 kg) dot
Smooth pivoting plunge action dot dot dot dot
Removable, replaceable power cord   dot dot
Dual battery operation dot    
Optional cross-cut table (MFT/3)   dot dot    
Best range of accessories dot dot dot
Available guide rail sizes 8 8 8 2 3
Available branded saw blades 6 6 7 1 1
Manufacturer's warranty 3-Year 3-Year 3-Year 1-Year 3-Year

* Competitors' information as published on 20/6/2014.

Video Reviews

Handy magazine

Handy Magazine

"If you're a woodworker, especially a cabinetmaker or contractor that works in a finished interiors where dust collection is critical, this should be on your short list. I never met an owner who regretted this investment."

Tool box buzz

Tool Box Buzz

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Best Power Tool Award 2013
"The Festool TS 55 REBQ is nearly a perfect power tool in my opinion. It offers near perfectly straight line cuts in an very portable platform. It's the perfect saw for remodelers and woodworkers looking to improve their overall quality with a tool that offers an endless amount of uses."

Article Reviews

It wouldn't be entirely fair for us to share reviews and awards dating all the way back to 1964, when Festool invented the plunge saw and guide rail system, since there has been no competition until recently. However, as the rail guided cutting systems have gained popularity, there have been quite a number of magazine reviews covering this tool category. Festool has consistently been crowned the king of the category and received a resounding thumbs up from editors and customers alike.

Protool Reviews

August 2013

Many times I hear people say Festool represents the pinnacle of woodworking tools. Apparently they don't see that as sufficient reason to sit on their laurels. With improvements like these I can't wait to see what's next. This top tier German tool has my recommendation.

Funiture & Cabinetmaking

August 2012

As systems go this one from Festool is about the most convincing one you will find out there, and whether you choose to use it with the guide track or mounted in a table, the build quality will ensure you will not be replacing it any time soon.

Popular Woodworking

Not Your Grandfather's Circular Saw
April 2008, Page 34

I can only imagine the grin on Granddad's face if he were to use the Festool TS 55 EQ… Cuts made with the saw alone are good, but the real beauty come when using the saw with an aluminum guide rail (a 1400mm guide rail and 48-tooth carbide blade are included as part of the saw system package). This is where the real magic starts.

Handy Magazine

Ridin' the Rails
December 2009, Pages 30-33

And the 'Best Bet' Winner is... Without question, it's Festool.


Plunge-Cutting Circular Saws
July 2011

If I were starting from scratch and wanted a track saw for crosscutting panels, trimming door bottoms, and short rips, I'd buy the basic Festool TS 55 REBQ kit with the 55-inch track.

Wood Magazine

Rail-Guided Saws
September 2009, Pages 62-65

A rail-guided saw will never replace a tablesaw, but it sure outperforms any panel saw we've tried (at a much lower price, too), and doesn't limit you to perpendicular cuts--you'll get high-quality cuts at any angle. Our Top Tool, the hefty Festool TS75EQ, displayed ample power and precision in everything from sheet goods to thick hardwoods.

Taunton Press

Guided Tool Category
2008, Pages 96-99

Additionally, the Festool plunge saw and guide rail system achieved an overall readers' rating of 4.82 out of 5.00.

The Festool saw and guide rail system was the editor's choice as the best overall and was also a clear winner among readers.

Fine Woodworking

Plunge-Cut Saw Makes Straight, Clean Cuts
June 2009, Page 20

Forced to pick between the Festool and DeWalt … I'd choose the Festool. It's lighter, easier to plunge, and has a better blade-changing mechanism.

Woodworkers Journal

Plunge-cut Rail Saws
May/June 2009, Pages 64-68

Smooth performance and a wealth of accessories, along with a proven plunge record (and the option of a larger machine if needs demand it), earn Festool top-tool honors...

Tools of the Trade

July 2007, Pages 25-26

Festool's claim is accurate; the TS 75 EQ did change how I work.