The best solution for all of your sawing tasks.

The Festool plunge saw and guide rail system offers the versatility and capability to achieve amazing results regardless of your task. Professionals have found new ways to replace the functionality of a table saw, cabinet saw, miter saw and radial arm saw with our plunge saw system.

With your Festool plunge saw you can easily and efficiently make all of these types of cuts and more.

What do pros say about Festool plunge saws?

Watch this short video where several professionals talk about their experiences with the Festool TS plunge cut saw.

Pros review the Festool plunge saw

Sheet goods.

Cutting sheet goods and plywood

Break down sheets of material quickly and safely without the struggle of lifting material to a saw top. See it in action!



True edges of lumber without leaving blade marks leaving glue-ready surfaces.

Scribe lines.

Scribe Lines

Trim doors efficiently and accurately even adding back-bevels with ease. See it in action!

Precise Angles.

Precise Angles

Achieve compound angle cuts without complex calculations by beveling the saw and angling the guide rail. See it in action!



Alone or combined with Festool's MFT/3 table, crosscuts are safe, precise and splinter-free.



Quickly cut insets in panels with unparalleled ease.



Material specific blades always provide superb cut quality even on solid surface and laminates.



Great for crosscutting flooring or plunging into a field of hardwood to remove a damaged board.

Bevels & Miters.

Bevels and miters

Great for crosscutting flooring or plunging into a field of hardwood to remove a damaged board.

Plunge Saw tutorials.

Mike Sloggatt has been in the construction industry since 1972 and opened the doors to his remodeling company in 1979. After many years of learning his craft, Mike has begun to share his knowledge with others.

In this video series, Mike covers several examples of how you might use a Festool plunge saw in your shop or on the jobsite. As you can see in the videos, Mike is working out of a small garage-based shop. He's able to process sheet goods in a one-person operation and with limited space, something that wouldn't be nearly as easy with a table saw.